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Private and secure browsing

GDPR is supposed to let us take back control of our private data. In reality though many websites either don't allow that to happen through their selection of cookies, or constantly present to us the same requests until we accept the most invasive option. At the same time there is a known security risk related to every day broswing: browser - served malware, sometimes caused or enabled by the insane amount of 3rd party uncontrolled scripts that are served to us on the websites we visit. We need to find ways to browse securely and protecting our privacy as much as possible.

Whiners will be whiners

I think we have all recentrly received one (and probably more) of these wonderful mails stating "we have your data, if you want us to keep talking to you let us know". In case you were wondering, this is a side effect of GDPR; and in my opinion an excellent one. Yet many people - including some respected and high profile GDPR experts and "experts" - take the opportunity to attack the senders. But I think this is the wrong reaction.