What do you think this is?

just thoughts of a restless mind...


Continuing my autumn trips, I went hiking over the last weekend of September which happened to be a long one in Czechia. This time I went to the Krkonose Mountains which are the highest and most visited Czech mountains. I booked a great hotel.

All in all it was a great and relaxing experience the highlight of which was a 20 kilometer hike at ~ 1.300m height.

Happy gardener!

I think it's more than 20 years since I last planted tomatoes. It must have been in my second year when I was studying Agriculture in TEI of Heraclion. Since then many things have happened, among which the fact that I now live in a completely different country.

The idea to grow tomatoes in Prague was intriguing, so I got some Greek tomato seeds from my father, a small glass structure for the flat to pretend it's a greenhouse, and put them there. Some (several) months later, I'm happily eating my huge tomatoes. No pesticides of course, and only a little bit of organic calcium to deal with calcium deficiency resulting to blossom end rot.

Geneva Motor Show 2017

This year I happened to be in Geneva for a business trip when the International Motor Show was on. I understand it's a big thing in the car industry, and although I'm not too much into cars, and I was quite busy not only for work, but also preparing my presentation for Bsides Hannover 2017 I decided to go.

One of the reasons that I went, is that people I care about, like my brother and my son, would enjoy seeing pictures. The result is that not only I went, but I even managed to take some pictures that may not be totally worthless (my photography skills are literally non-existent, in case you didn't know that already).

Goal: meet my brother

In general I am a very efficient and organized person. Slightly OCD most probably, I want things to be organized; my pictures in the same dimensions, the folders categorized evenly. My drawers have my stuff clearly seperated. Most of the time...