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Geneva Information Security Day 2018

I'm invited in the Geneva Information Security Day 2018 to participate in a panel in which we will discuss myths and reality around artificial intelligence and machine learning. You may request to join us if you are interested in either this subject, or GDPR or GRC strategy on a IOT and Cloud era. Respected colleagues will share their knowledge and experience and I personally cannot wait to discuss and engage in open discussions around all these topics.

The expectation of privacy

Everybody has something to say about the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica case. And I am annoyed by people saying that when you give your data to Facebook, you forego some parts of your privacy (true) so you should not be surprised (false). In simple terms, it was an actual data breach. Individuals who had not consented, had their data exposed. This was not supposed to happen. There are two aspects I would focus on regarding this issue: