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Don't you wanna cry?

It looks like we're in the middle of one of the worse attacks in the last decade. The WannaCry attack has already crippled more than 230.000 computers, in more than 100 countries.
We already saw big organizations like Telefonica and the NHS, like Renault and Deutsche Bahn having their operations impacted. And it's not over yet. But...

Mobile phone problems

I like my phone. I have a very specific need for my phones, they have to be dual-sim. I used to have a couple of Motorola Gs but after the screen broke at the last one, and I messed with the speaker on my attempt to change it, I was looking for a new one. I ended up getting a Wileyfox Swift. It had CyanogenOS and I believe everybody is familiar with CyanogenOS end of operations some months ago