What do you think this is?

Just thoughts of a restless mind...

Studying again

Whoever knows me can tell you: I enjoy learning. I enjoy it so much that I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more on any random subject that I find interesting. Lately, i.e. the last 2 or three years, I find psychology to be very interesting. I was even thinking of taking a degree in psychology and information security (aka social engineering :)) but with my work schedule it seems to be a difficult task. Let's park this thought...

Responsive design

When I started creating this blog, some 40 days ago, I decided to go with a very simple template. First of all because I don't like many bells and whistles. Second, because I know that I don't have the skills to modify complex templates. All these JS libraries and CSS magic things are wonderful, but I leave them to the professionals.

It's never easy

We are professionals. Or so I want to think. Professional life is not easy, and conflicts are common and frequent. Most of the time the conflicts can be attributed to the right reasons. All parties want the best for the company. They just have a different perspective, which leads to conflict.